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STE is an independent North American distributor of leading edge test and research technology produced by manufacturers from around the world. Each instrument is uniquely designed for use in the cosmetics, personal care products, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Well suited for human and animal studies in both in-vivo and in-vitro settings, our test instruments produce highly accurate and objective measures critical for product development, safety testing, drug & product efficacy, and claims substantiation.

Manufacturer: Biox Systems Ltd, London, UK
The AquaFlux is the top-performing instrument for skin barrier characterisation by the TEWL method. It uses patented condenser-chamber technology to deliver measurements of unrivalled sensitivity without the need for controlled ambient conditions. Accurate calibration methods unique to Biox ensure that measurements are consistent from instrument to instrument and from time to time. Immunity from artefacts associated with probe angle, contact pressure and hand-heat ensures that measurements are consistent from operator to operator, from laboratory to laboratory and from time to time. Our latest developments in quality control provide the means to verify measurements based on rigorous scientific criteria, to further increase the statistical relevance of data sets. Quick-interchange measurement caps adapt the instrument to diverse tasks in-vivo, ex-vivo, in-vitro and in-culture.

Manufacturer: Biox Systems Ltd, London, UK
The Epsilon is a novel instrument for contact imaging of human skin, hair and a wide variety of other soft materials, including animal and plant tissues, waxes, fats, gels, liquids and powders. Its proprietary electronics and signal processing algorithms map the sensor's non-linear signals onto a calibrated scale for measuring properties such as hydration and insensible perspiration. Apart from snapshot capture, the software has facilities for recording bursts and videos for studying spacially resolved dynamic processes such as occlusive hydration, wetting, and the permeation of liquids through membranes.

C-Cube Dermoscope
Manufacturer: Pixience SAS, Toulouse, France
The C-Cube Dermoscope can capture calibrated, glare-free images of skin, scalp & hair in ultra-high definition. The images can be analysed to assess more than 20 dermal characteristics, including dryness & desquamation, pores & seborrhea, pigmentation & ageing, vascularisation, erythema, micro-relief and make-up. The C-Cube camera can also be used ex-vivo, with an optional sample reader accessory, to evaluate the manufacturing quality of tablets & capsules, the colour consistency of solutions & creams, seborrhea (with Sebutape) and skin dryness (with D-Squame patches).

TiVi700 Tissue Viability Imager
Manufacturer: WheelsBridge AB, Linkoping, Sweden
Tissue Viability Imager TiVi700 – based on polarization spectroscopy – can “see beyond” the top layer of the skin and collect information about the underlying microcirculation and other skin parameters. TiVi700 quantifies what can be observed by the naked eye and takes subjectivity out of skin testing. Tivi700 is equipped with a number of toolboxes for the investigation of a variety of skin parameters.

With integrated video (frame rate up to 50 fps and resolution of 1250×700 pixels), the TiVi700 eliminates movement artefacts in investigations of microcirculation in moving objects.

TiVi8000 Tissue Viability Imager
Manufacturer: WheelsBridge AB, Linkoping, Sweden
The TiVi8000 can be used for microcirculation mapping with a handheld probe connected to a PC or tablet computer via USB. It can map and display real time dynamic alterations in the microcirculation of skin and other tissues.

DUB® SkinScanner
Manufacturer: tpm taberna pro medicum GmbH, Lueneburg, Germany
The SkinScanner is a high frequency ultrasound system with interchangeable applicators ranging from 22MHz to 75MHz for producing images of subsurface dermal structures with unparalleled resolution. Highly precise measurement of skin thickness and density make it ideal for assessing efficacy of anti-ageing products.

Neurometer® CPT®/C
Manufacturer: Neurotron, Inc., Baltimore, Maryland, USA
The Neurometer® CPT®/C testing system utilizes distinct frequencies of constant current stimuli to measure perception thresholds of 3 major subpopulations of cutaneous sensory nerve fibers. Its ability to measure small fiber function makes the patented Neurometer® uniquely suitable for evaluating skin irritation, sensitization, and itch perception. "Sensitive" skin test subjects are identified easily by comparing their baseline scores to established normative data. A full range of specially designed electrodes allows for the testing of any cutaneous or mucosal surface.
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